Maori Healers provide counseling and healing services through:

  • Group sessions
  • Distance sessions (skype, phone, email)

Following is a description of their core intuitive scanning and deep tissue bodywork.


001-maori-healers-healing-new-zealandMirimiri (Mi - to stimulate, Ri - to agitate the bone) is one of the art forms of this body work where the intuitive skills of a practitioner are on high beam. As well the ability to 'read' the dents, curves, lines, marks, and dimples, is a compliment one can bring to their work and what the 'old people' would ask one to master.

During the process of mirimiri the practitioner explores the body to discern where healing is needed. Even though we have spoken to the person (client) we are looking for the unspoken the unknown or the forgotten.

In the process of one's session a multitude of informational exchanges are happening between one's body and the 'knowing and understanding' of the practitioner. These messages can be in the form of; a taste (bitter, sweet, salty, acidic), a smell, a feeling (hot, cold, warm, icy, wet, dry), a sense (goosebumps, chills, hair standing on the back of the neck), one's intuition. So calling for the the wisdom within nga kete o te wananga (knowledge codes) stored within the body, the practitioner works with a client to activate the processes that miri (re-generate vibrant energy).


IMG 6132-maori-healers-healing-new-zealand-400Where deep tissue bodywork is required romiromi is activated. To romi is to: Ro - to work, (internals: organs, blood, tissue, muscle etc), Mi - to stimulate the Ha (breath) within the body to move obstacles created.

Both of these modalities are symbiotic, they live and play hand in hand.

Often people will breathe a lot deeper than normal, this is how we open the access ways to getting in deeper.

The healing modalities we use are beyond the tissue, they penetrate the bone and pierce the cellular memory that has been stored, held, traumatised, depleted, under nourished.

Romiromi may involve the use of elbows, hands, knees, feet, sticks, stones and sea water. More than one practitioner at a time may also work on a client.

During a session deep held emotions may be brought to the surface. These emotional experiences are behind all physical, psychological or mental ailments. Activating the whatu-manawa (eye of the heart) helps the practitioner identify specific toxic issues that dis-able, dis-empower and keep dis-cord running.

As these issues surface the practitioner will whaka watea (clear space) to allow for whole healing and transformation.

 People's problems are people's problems no matter the issue or the being, we are not able to help with those in particular.

What we are able to do is help the body to relieve blockages, shift the mind sets, re open the channels of knowing and bring more peace and harmony to the self.

Papa Joe often said, "Everyone is born a healer", how else do we heal from the many accidents and afflictions we impale ourselves with in the life/lives we lead."

Healing is embedded deep within the self. All those who have been, who have come and are yet to be, are the reasons why we do what we do.


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