Oorangatonutanga - Life everlasting

Oorangatonutanga - Life everlasting


This video is of an ancient takutaku used to karanga / call - welcome a baby / child in to the world of breath or living.  The takutaku aided their journey and ensured that their separation from the spiritual realm in to the living realm was done with peacefully with ease and reverence, asking that these children be fearless in who they were and what they chose to do.

In the incantation, a pathway with tasks would be set for the baby-child, 'may you be strong / may peace be your offering / may hard work be your stead / may you be a great warrior for your people / may you bring good fortune to your family, your community - tribe   / may you walk tall in integrity' etc.  

Encompassed in love and wanted this kind of takutaku aided and comforted parents and child, ensuring they grew strong together.

Oorangatonutanga - an ancient takutaku / chant for birthing.

Takutaku and it's use was many fold, some were to clear, uplift, demand, bring forth, clarify, instil.

Manu Korewha is featured with cello player Rutti and this was filmed in Miami, USA, 2014.

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