Tiwawe - how to move the internal waters

Tiwawe - how to move the internal waters



This video will show Tiwawe is a specific type of movement that is:

- a complete healing tool

- invigorates the body 

- moves the internal waters 

- helps to release old patterning in the mind and the body

- quell’s constant mental thinking 

- brings one to present time

- oxygenates the blood

- electrifies the spinal column 

- enlivens the immune system

- rejuvenates the vascular and muscular system

- settles nervous activity in the body

- good for children with ADHD 

- helps with general aches pains of the body

- good if done gently for the elderly

- good for those who have cancer and cannot handle touch on the body

If this work is done correctly and gently it can move mountains and quell 'storms' within the body.  

For those who are tougher body and require a more in-depth move, Tiwawe can be done strongly in it's push / pull movement, making the waters in the belly massage the internal organs, including the gut and enlivening the spinal column through the body weight on the spine.

Tiwawe can help those who have neck and shoulder issues, through gentle movements.  As long as the person is relaxed and 'lets the neck go' the chin will move in an up and down motion, like a long nod.  This is freeing to the neck, especially of one holds tightness there and can allow the movement to soothe the muscles.

In the belly, I use this method prior to working with a woman who has fertility issues and or is prone to having 'trouble' with her period.

Keep checking the person you are working on, ensuring they aren't starting to hurt at the ankles (from your grip), at the lower back because it will stimulate that area and open it up.


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