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Mahi tika kotahi te mahi

Mahi tika kotahi te mahi, ensures the integrity of the work is delivered.   Using all aspects of the being that is human from thought, to feeling, to expression, to knowing, to being and more.

The spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, foundation, environmental including the right relationship of all the senses is of great importance when using this as your starting point. Validation is confirmed when the receiver realises the healing begins from them, not something or someone outside of themselves.  

Mahi tika kotahi te mahi is to strike the body (pao) with a soft closed hand, starting at the legs, the arms, the back and front of the body.  This helps to increase blood circulation, moves stagnant energy and brings recall back to the mind and physical movement to the  body.  

A good time to use mahi tika kotahi te mahi is when one is continually tired, lacks movement or exercise, when muscles are tight, nerves are shattered or on guard, or when one needs a change of direction.

When the strike (pao) is done correctly, it reverberates of the bones and the muscles, bringing back good life flow, the blood is moving and with purpose.  




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I will never be lost
I will not know embarrassment
I will have the strength to seek and grasp
Who I am
— Manu Korewha