Maori Healers (worldwide) was a concept that came in to being in 2000, when a small group from Aotearoa / New Zealand travelled to the USA at the request of friends, to share their unique healing and philosophies.

The deeply physical bodywork, was mind blowing to the many that came, and for others a challenge.  All in all, this first journey brought about the trail-blazing that Papa Joe acknowledged often in his korero (speaking) and it set the foundation for what was to come in the future.

In recent years, with the inclusion of the workshops, the information shared within is about empowerment of the self through the use of specific protocols that aid one's well-being.  

An example; the use of the Raakaau (stick) as a bodywork tool to release tightness in muscles, ligaments, tendons, on the legs, back, neck, sides of the body.  Much of the Raakaau work Atarangi honed from what she saw and was taught, to the program that is presented today.  She often says, 'If we were to do the work that I saw these Kuia (Elders) doing with the Raakaau, the bodies we have now wouldn't be able to handle it'.  Why?  Because the Raakaau used would have natural knots in them and they would grind these in to specific places on the body (haemata and haepuru), or they held a point until they got a result (not always easy on the person receiving, but definitely effectual). 

Specific songs are used to open up the core, engage the lungs, cleanse the throat.  When this is done at a cathartic level, like every thing else in life, it shifts and moves ones core.



Maori Healers team:

Atarangi Muru:

- Founding member of Maori Healers (ww.co-op)

- Creator of Te Rongopae - A Clear Bright Horizon and Kawa Ariki - The     Goddess Returns

- Weekend learning program Let's Romi

- Raakaau instructor - bodywork practices and protocols

- Kai mahi 

Terence Muru:

- Co-member of Maori Healers (ww.co-op)

- Kai mahi / Mahita

- Film maker and editor of all filming within our structure

- Web creator / mastery 

Manu Korewha:

- Co-member of Maori Healers (ww.co-op)

- Mahita / Kaiako oo Matauranga Maaori (Maaori knowledge, protocols and ways)

- Kaumatua (Elder)

- Musician, poet, artist, singer, song writer, kapa haka exponent, mau raakaau instructor

- Manu passed away 16th July 2017.  While his death brought about change it is necessary to include him in this line up for he was an integral part of of the whole.

Bill Mundy:

- Co-member of Maori Healers (ww.co-op) since it's inception

- Kai mahi

- Supports the business side of Maori Healers 

Kiwa Muru:

- Junior member of Maori Healers (ww.co-op)

- Kai mahi

Makuini Ruth Tai:

- Kuia (Elder)

- Mahita / Kaiako, supporting role in workshops 

Charlotte Mildon:

- Kai mahi

- Kuia (Elder)

- Mahita / Kaiako, supporting role in workshops

Physical touch is the medium we work with. Romiromi and Mirimiri are symbiotic meaning they are equal parts of the whole and in order to do one you must do the other.

Romiromi and Mirimiri: Ro – the internal organs  Mi – to stimulate. When one is doing Romiromi you are stimulating the internal organs of the body. Mi – to stimulate  Ri – to agitate. When one is doing Mirimiri you are agitate tissue, muscle, bone, blood, all fluids

Email consultation:

Due to the high number of emails, Maori Healers now receive, we will be offering our services via a paid consultation on email

Body work workshops:

We also hold bodywork workshops around the world and also in New Zealand which you can find on our events page.



Tiwawe – Moving waters– is a complete healing tool– invigorates the internal waters– moves the internal waters– brings one to present time– oxygenates the blood– helps to release old patterning– quells constant mental thinking– electrifies the spinal column– enlivens the immune system– rejuvenates muscular and vascular systems


Taa Miri, Paa Miri, Koo Miri:

Taa – a specific kind of touch to alleviate mamae (pain) in the body Paa – a specific kind of strike to vibrate the body Koo – a specific kind of sound used to energise the body


Kehua – Entity releasing:

“Maori are the fastest ghostbusters in the world” – Turuki Rangimarie Rose Pere. Done to cleanse all kinds of property, be it one’s home, car, boat, apartment, land, jewellery, self as in body etc.